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"I renew my faith."

I renew my faith.

Today's affirmation: "I renew my faith."

I was asked yesterday, "how do you keep your faith?" WOW. That is a really great question! I paused a moment as I pondered my answer. How DO I keep my faith? I gave a satisfactory answer, but committed to delve deeper into the issue.

Faith represents so many things to different people. Faith in God, the Divine, family, humanity... But I think a common thread runs through the answer. A deep, intangible "knowing" that at the core of it, things will turn out as needed...for our soul's growth and learning resulting in the betterment of all.

Now. That doesn't mean there won't be pain, physical or emotional. That doesn't mean they may not be trials, tribulations and rough roads ahead. That doesn't mean all dis-ease will be cured, all death prevented, all injustice righted, all cruelty ceased or all evil transmuted to Love. No. It means that if we are able to back up our perspective far enough to see the bigger picture, we can see that there is an overriding pattern of Love that rights itself when the frequency gets "out of tune."

Whether we need to change our attitudes about something or someone, release old limiting thought patterns or upgrade our emotions, we CAN get back to the frequency of Love. By improving our individual frequencies -- through eating better, thinking positive, speaking our truths gently -- we contribute to the well being of all.

When you know at your deepest core, that you are a spiritual being having a physical experience, then it becomes easier to renew your faith by getting quiet, taking deep breaths and quieting the world chatter. Listening to my OWN inner voice, I am renewed in the knowledge that ALL is unfolding exactly as it needs to for my greater good.

So today, I choose to renew my faith. In Love. Nothing can resist the sweetness of unconditional God Love. ~Susan


Need more Love in your world?

Try some Rose Quartz. It's the stone of Love and you can meditate with Rose Quartz, place it around your home or office or wear it as jewelry. It can be either a tumbled or raw gemstone.

Clear blockages by Smudging

Need to clear the house or office of negative energy? Sage is an excellent way to ceremoniously clear a person, place or object of stale or negative energy and return it to balance. Click here to purchase my book on how to clear negative energy and bless your home and life.

Essential oils

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years to instantly soothe or enliven. They are also known for their spiritually and emotionally uplifting properties. Discover how oils can bridge the gap between cutting edge technology and traditional wisdom and help you to energize your life and reclaim your natural balance of both body and mind.

Some of favorites to clear the air and upgrade the stale energy are Lavender, and the blend of Sweet Orange and Peppermint. Joyful Moments from Rocky Mountain Oils is excellent to diffuse in the room or dilute and apply to your skin.

Drops of Joy Diffuser Necklaces! They are introducing a new design and offering 50% off pre-orders!

Susan K. Edwards, L.S.H., is an author, Reiki Master and Energy Healer. Her work centers around reminding people that it's, "All About Love!" She and her husband own Wildhair Studios’ Rock Shopin historic downtown Paducah.

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